Hamdard Residential Coaching Entrance Examination Results NEET/JEE 2024-25


Hamdard Coaching Centre is located at Talimabad, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi-110080.

There are 7 dormitories for boys and 14 double seated rooms for girls. Students get breakfast, lunch, evening snacks & dinner in the Mess.

Rs. 4,500/- one time payment. (Non-refundable)

For accommodation of male students there are spacious dormitories, each dormitory can accommodate six students. Two female students are accommodated in each room in the Girls’ Hostel.

We have a maximum batch of 70 students in which 42 are Boys and 28 are Girls.

Classes start from 9A.M to 1 P.M, with a break of 15 – 20 minutes.

Yes, we provide free offline test DPP (Daily practice papers) to students as a part of the course package. A student can solve offline DPP tests chapter-wise, part and full syllabus tests.

Yes, we provide two fortnightly tests in a month.

No, it is a residential Coaching programme.

The following charges are to be paid by students.

  1. Registration Fees Rs. 4,500/- (Non refundable)
  2. Monthly fess Rs.6,500/- for boys and Rs. 7,000/- for girls.
  3. ID card Rs. 100/-

The monthly fee takes care of all the expenses on account of boarding, lodging and coaching etc.