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Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed Saheb

The Hamdard Coaching Centre owes its origin to the vision of a farsighted seer, visionary and a Unani Physician, Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed Saheb. Hakeem Saheb, born 14 September 1908, was endowed with great worldly wisdom and pragmatic capability. He had a strong desire to bring about improvement in the condition of his community and in its wake his country as well. Very early he realized that the community needed the educational wherewithal and the encouragement to compete in order to gain economic strength and social respectability. He wanted the young men and women to enter the mainstream life, compete with the rest of the countrymen and come out successful. He saw in them the future engineers and doctors that the country and society needed. However, they had to be made ready to face and overcome hurdles. He realized the hard work that lay ahead and embarked on the uncharted road to social reconstruction.

As luck would have it he was given a long and fruitful innings of nine decades plus. He had the concern, zest and life span to dream, and to convert his dreams into breath-taking achievements. He was a man who had his task cut out for him. For about four decades he toiled ceaselessly to sharpen his tools, collect insights, hone his perceptions and enhance his productive capacity. Hakeem Saheb left this temporal world on 23 of July, 1999. However, his fixity of purpose and strong resolve continue to guide us at HCC where we strongly believe that students, through a well-designed and properly executed programme for competitive examinations, can certainly improve prospects of their success.