Admission Notification for NEET/JEE Coaching Programme 2024-25 issued. "Jaipur will be an additional test centre for holding the Entrance test of HCC for NEET/JEE coaching 2024-25."


Our faculty consists of brilliant academic scholars and lecturers graduated from the country’s eminent institutions. The faculty believes in the ideal of imparting education of the highest standards and moulding future professionals. The learned and experienced faculty follows a scientific and systematic approach to teaching which ensures success. The hard work and perseverance of students is combined with intelligent suggestions and advice by the faculty at every stage.

Teaching Methodology

The Coaching methodology adopted by Hamdard ensures success through our systematic guidance process. Thereafter, basic concepts and fundamentals are strengthened to build a solid foundation for the future. The approachable lecturers are available for doubts clarification. The subject material is simplified and results – oriented. Constant follow up by lectures with regard to the lessons and assignment leads to improved performances.

Daily lecture sessions and periodic topic-wise tests help in constant appraisals of performance and facilitate improvement. State of the art evaluation procedures help in monitoring and improving performance. Each of these measures, in combination with all the others, gives students immeasurable confidence and ensures success in competitive exams and even in later life.

Admission Procedure

Every year Hamdard Coaching Centre (HCC) conducts an entrance examination which is held normally in May/June. Aspirants who wish to join the programme are admitted on the basis of an Entrance test.

The entrance test is conducted in 10 test centres- Delhi (Talimabad Capmus), Moradabad, Lucknow, Bareilly, Patna, Deoband, Kargil, Kishanganj, Jammu and Srinagar.

There are 42 seats for male students and 28 seats for female students. However, the management reserves the right to modify the number of seats, if required.


Application form will be submitted online on the website of Hamdard Coaching Centre:

The Exam Comprises -


Duration- 3 hours
The admission test will have 45 questions each in Physics and Chemistry and 90 Questions in Biology.
Distribution of Marks
Physics 180
Chemistry 180
Biology 360
Total 720
The admission test will have 25 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Distribution of Marks
Chemistry 100
Chemistry 100
Mathematics 100
Total 300

All questions will be objective type with four options having one correct answer.

Each question carries 4 marks. For each correct answer the student will get 4 marks; for each incorrect answer one mark will be deducted. The list of successful students is put up on our website.

For information regarding the last date of submission of application forms, the date of the test, and any relevant details, students are advised to regularly visit the HCC website: